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Ben Richards

About me,

I've always been in to photography from the moment I bought my first digital camera many years ago. I started where most people do, taking snaps on holiday and capturing those silly moments with friends, much to their dismay. Then when my mother-in-law kindly gave me her old DSLR I  started to see how much I could actually capture within a picture and my enthusiasm and passion grew extensively. Ever since, I have been perfecting my skills as a photographer along side my wife. Anyone who knows me will tell you most conversations don't go too far without some mention of photography.   

My style

I have a real love for portraiture and this is really where my passion for photography comes to life. Whether I shoot in black and white or colour, in a studio or on location, I really enjoy having someone in front of my camera, be it an individual, a couple or a family. 

I truly believe that a great picture cannot be forced and that it has to come naturally. This is why I never hide behind my camera, I will always get to know my clients and have a laugh with them prior to taking any photos. I find that this relaxes them and allows their guard to drop so that they don't even feel like they are having their picture taken. 

If my clients come away feeling like they've had a great time then I know I've done my job right. 

Everything else

Studying art at school has undoubtedly played a massive role in influencing my perceptions of photography. Nowadays I use the world as my canvas as opposed to putting a pencil or brush to paper. Photography is an ever-changing discipline and I plan to stay ahead of the curve by always experimenting with new ideas, techniques and equipment. With smartphones and all the clever filters that come with them nowadays I know how important it is to stand out and do something new.

Please do have a look through the galleries below which show some of my work to date. 

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with me for a chat.


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